Orlando Shootings: Has Political correctness Gone too far?

I have been watching the Rubin Report and Gad Saad, for quite some time, and it struck me that it’s the dawn of new era of  individuals making a contribution to honest, unbiased and uncensored news so we can critically think about issues like political correctness, Islamic fundamentalism.

In the wake of Orlando shootings, it’s again people like Professor Gad Saad, Sam Harris, Douglass Murray who have the courage to come out to condemn the violence and have pointed to Islamic Ideology as the main cause behind the shooter’s hatred towards the LGBT community. It’s really painful to watch leaders and media reporters come out initially to say that it was “hate crime”. Just like to this day Major Nadal Hassan’s shooting spree was classified as “work place violence”, things are going to sadly get worse if we do not address the issue of home grown terrorism to Islam. Hatred does not simply come on its own, the Orlando Shooter (I do not wish to name him) clearly did not like the LGBT community because of his religious belief or what Quran actually says. Yes there might be mental health issues involved, yes gun control laws should be in place when it comes to assault weapons. However to take out Islamic radicalism completely from the narrative the media is being unfair in its reporting. In fact it’s only Donald Trump who has come out openly and stated that all of civilized world should come together to fight Islamic radicalism.