Freedom of Speech Tommy Robinson

I really admire Tommy Robinson for standing up for problems within his community and especially his stance that Islamic way of life and beliefs does have some serious issues. I think many liberals still consider him as a pariah. However it was nice to see Professor Gad Saad, and Dave Rubin interview him. India has been dealing with Islamic ideology for a long time, liberal Muslims who did not make religion their way of life, have progressed and Muslims who stuck to their ideology and did not participate in development continue to live in poverty. Ofcourse there are many layers to this issue but ideology matters in how young people’s mind understand the world around them. India has progressed a great deal embracing secularism and that means including Muslims. There are fanatic Muslims and Hindus but they are a very small minority. It should also be seen that most religious tradition of India is very passive in nature and that has also in a way culturally affected the Indian Muslims. Also not forgetting that many muslims were converts and do share many cultural values of other Indians. Tamil speaking muslims for example are very proud of their Tamil Identity. I will write more on these issues. For now please watch this video and share your comments.