Jainism – Core Principle – Non-Voilence

Jainism Jainism originated in India, though the exact time of its origins is not known. Mahavira (ca. 540 BC) considered the 24th Tirthankara meaning the “learned,” is believed to be a contemporary…

Source: Jainism – Core Principle – Non-Voilence

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I am an atheist and believe in secular Humanism. I am writing this blog to put my thoughts here as an Atheist and as a secular humanist. Though being an atheist did not affect my life style in anyway, there are many around the world who do not have such privileges. I am also deeply concerned how certain ideologies are not questioned. I think if any harm is done to people through a specific set of beliefs or ideologies than that should be condemned and questioned even if it is religious.

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