Hillary’s recent Rally

While driving home from one of my errands, I heard on radio about what is wrong in saying ….. under God…, the reason of this debate was recently during one of Hillary Clinton’s rally Ms. Susan Shin Angulo in her introductory speech had to pause or stumble over the words ‘God’. So when I got home I looked up what the hoopla was all about, and saw the video. I think may be it was a wrong choice to pick Pledge of Allegiance as part of her speech if Ms Angulo did not want to mention the word God, but I do feel its not fair to say she should have said it! well she made the choice to not to say it so lets move on.

Why is it that believers insist that everyone should say ‘God’, when someone clearly feels uncomfortable saying it. Anyway it was the threat of communism which lead to insertion of  God in the pledge in 1954!



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I am an atheist and believe in secular Humanism. I am writing this blog to put my thoughts here as an Atheist and as a secular humanist. Though being an atheist did not affect my life style in anyway, there are many around the world who do not have such privileges. I am also deeply concerned how certain ideologies are not questioned. I think if any harm is done to people through a specific set of beliefs or ideologies than that should be condemned and questioned even if it is religious.

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